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Municipal Water Treatment Solutions

We add value by exceeding our customer expectations; we provide prompt and reliable field support, and we deliver market-advancing technologies. Many environmental and cost considerations affect the location and design of water purification plants.

A combination of ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, and disinfection technologies can be used to inhibit bacteria and help provide quality water.

There are three principal stages in water treatment:

Primary treatment: Collecting and screening including pumping from rivers and initial storage
Secondary treatment: Removal of fine solids and the majority of contaminants using filters, coagulation, flocculation and membranes
Tertiary treatment: Polishing, pH adjustment, carbon treatment to remove taste and smells, disinfection, and temporary storage to allow the disinfecting agent to work.

Additional treatment options

  • Fluoridation
  • Water conditioning
  • Plumbo-solvency reduction
  • Radium Removal
  • Fluoride Removal

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