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Clearsource Wastewater Solutions

Clearsource offers one of the best wastewater treatments solutions for domestic and commercial usage. We have been installing septic tanks for more than a decade. Our expertise on septic tanks solutions made us the leading company in Lebanon for waste water solutions.

Why a wastewater system?

Your building isn’t connected to any sewage system or your local water treatment plant; you wish to have an eco-house and reuse your sewage water for your lawn; than Clearsource Septic Tanks Solutions are excellent choices for your waste water problems.

Depending on your requirements, your water capacity and your demand, Clearsource can custom build your septic tank. The new filtered water can then be used for watering your lawn or vegetable garden, for filling your swimming pool or even for your indoor fountains.

How Clearsource Septic Tank System works

Clearsource Septic Tank

Clearsource septic tanks system consists of creating 3 collective chambers:

  • The wastewater enters the settling chamber where it rests for at least 16h. This phase will separate the sludge from the water by creating a depot at the bottom of the tank.
  • With gravity, it then enters the aeration chamber where disk diffusers mix the incoming organic material with the sludge present in the chamber.
  • The mixed fluid is then transferred by gravity into the clarification chamber where solids are separated and returned to the settling chamber.The water is then drained into the soil through the out-take in your garden.

Our septic tank system can be installed anywhere: underneath the house, under the soil of the garden: the only requirement is that it is connected to the house out-takes.

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Clearsource making life easier

Clearsource concrete septic tanks don’t require any maintenance. Once it’s installed, you will no longer need to call a sewage service to pick up your sewage water. It will provide you with a piece of mind.